Getting all facets of a business to be effective is not something that happens on its own – it takes work to build a well-run, organized and effective organization, but it’s possible to create an environment and culture that allows this to happen and enables it to continue to be successful as time goes by.

Organizations succeed when there are clear goals individuals understand and can work towards. Carlton Human Capital helps organizations define the right business model, roles and organizational structure so everyone is “rowing in the same direction”.

Steps can be taken to encourage two-way communication, ensure performance standards are met, define and meet goals, improve team effectiveness and cohesiveness, and handle change. With the expertise and guidance of Carlton Human Capital, developing an effective and efficient organization is possible.

Our expertise includes:

Organizational Structure

  • Defining key stakeholders
  • Matching structure and roles to priorities
  • Creating clear job descriptions
  • Formalizing decision making processes
  • Aligning work with skills and resources with priorities


  • Developing key themes by stakeholder segment
  • Creating effective communications channels
  • Establishing feedback mechanisms

Performance Management

  • Helping define short and long term goals and objectives
  • Creating feedback processes
  • Establishing meaningful rewards

Team Effectiveness

  • Creating team charters
  • Conducting group and individual assessments to enhance working together
  • Conflict identification and mediation

Change Management

  • Defining desired state and identifying gaps and strategies to address
  • Helping leaders communicate and drive change
  • Establishing programs to help employees understand and accept change
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