Employee Engagement

People work for rational reasons like providing shelter and food. Exceptional performance is differentiated from average performance by how well an employee’s emotional needs are being met. Carlton Human Capital helps organizations satisfy the rational needs and motivate exceptional performance.

All organizations can benefit from knowing how to effectively engage employees and create a company culture that focuses on fulfilling the needs of its employees. When your employees come to work, wanting to work, there’s often a noticeable difference in quality of work and the atmosphere around the workplace.

Carlton Human Capital can help you set the groundwork for employee engagement and to create programs that can significantly impact your organization for the better.

Our expertise includes:


  • Assessing the current culture
  • Moving organizations from a command and control to collaborative environment

Employee Engagement

  • Strategic communications
  • Creating positive employee relations programs and practices
  • Establishing hire to retire feedback mechanisms
  • Creating retention programs

Collaborative Problem Solving

  • Establishing employee involvement programs
  • Creating interest based problem solving processes
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